Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I know I have much to ↑learn, but thou wilt teach ↑me,
And that will make all easy. ---Frederick Halm

"Nay, ↑now, my ↑child," said Alice the nurse,
"But keep the secret for your life,
And all you have will be Lord Ro↑nald's,
When you are man and ↑wife." ---Tennyson

Antony Bear with ↑me;
My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,
And I must pause till it come back to ↑me. ---Shakespeare

I come not here armed at all point with law ↑cases and Acts of
↑Parliament, with the statute-book doubled down in dog's ↑ears, to defend the cause of liber↑ty. I would not debate a point of law with the gen↑tleman! I know his
abilities. ----Chatham
[Negative, non-asserting]

"Let thee ↑out! No," said Sosia, "a slave once disobeying Arbaces is never heard of more!" ---Bulwer Lytton
[Surprise, astonishment]

Falstaff A plague of all cowards! still, say I.
Prince Hal What's the matter?
Falstaff ↑What's the mat↑ter! There be four of us here, have ta'en a thousand pound this day morning. ---Shakespeare
[Retorted question]

Fellow Citi↑zens: It is no ordinary cause that has brought together this vast assemblage.

*See post for August 6.

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